December 2020

Social trading

Trader profile

A trader on the Exchase platform has three potential roles: the actual trader (by default), the PAMM investor or “subscriber”, and the PAMM manager or “master”.

Here is the “master” profile:

It displays the flow of “subscribers”, and also contains sections of portfolio settings, through which the PAMM…

Andrey Versilov , Exchase OÜ, CTO

Any type of mentality not only bestows but also steals. The main disease of rational thinking is fairly well known: it is the trap of the present, falling into which, you become blind to “potentialities” because you are magnetized by the current state of things. You cease to understand exactly…

Exchase Fintech Ecosystem

Exchase is an innovative ecosystem of fintech services, which includes a trading platform (forex and crypto exchange), a payment system and an instant payment service, social trading (PAMM accounts), an exchanger, including a decentralized exchange (DEX) and binary options trading service.

In the near future, the platform will have a…

Exchase FinTech

Exchase FinTech ecosystem #Exchase #EXSE

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