Idiocracy, COVID and social trading

Andrey Versilov

Exchase OÜ, CTO

Every hope is evergreen. As long as mankind lived, so much it tried not to lose humanity — and all inventions are about this. Trust me, they’re all about that. Because every time we believe that it will not be possible to lose it in one more previously unknown way.

We can go straight to social trading, but you won’t understand why suddenly such an ambitious social project like Exchase was centered on this particular feature. After all, the question of participation is not a question of descriptions and bragging, but a question of meaning. Why should you (or shouldn’t) join Exchase? Because our views resonate with you? Do they resonate? To understand this, they are something worth talking about.

2020: Great divergence

I’ll start with a thesis. There are three inventions, three innovations, that’s more correct to say. One belongs to humanity, the other belongs to the environment, and the third belongs to post-humanity. And all three, each in its own way, realize the hope that homo sapiens will not be included in the Red Book.

Let’s name them.

That humanity, which has crawled to the threshold of XXI, has invested in a strategy of dispersing competence, as a result of which the crowd is no longer a “reserve”, the whole crowd is on the playing field, the crowd is already a condition for the non-stop mechanisms of material civilization. This is the pinnacle of what sociologists have called the uprising of the masses.

Now this is no longer an uprising, this is the rule. But, being scattered, competence and importance could not increase due to this fact alone. Therefore, everyone became a priest of their own little gear from the world machine. This is how idiocracy appears. This case has an offensive name, but it is not a dead-end or a rollback, it is one of the alternatives to go towards human preservation. Under idiocracy, the world is split into little worlds, so that the fate of the little worlds does not share the fate of the world (yes, what if the whole world is over). It’s smart in its own way.

Second innovation. Wednesday performs with him. The environment fights for the human as its part, because the posthuman will not be a part of it, but a cancerous tumor. And the environment, nature, does not abandon attempts to attack integration.

After all, the nutritional basis for the cultivation of the posthuman depends on the progress of integration. If you personally are a posthuman (and you cannot be a posthuman and not feel it), then you understand perfectly how a disintegrated environment deprives a person of the development of posthuman qualities in her. With disintegration, you just have to stick to the herd, since the herd is the “default integrator,” but there is no posthuman herd by definition. Well, you guessed it, COVID is one such attack.

And third. It is time, finally, to recognize that the number of humanity is greater than the number of people. Even before robots and animals in neuro link-chips in the head are officially introduced into its composition, humanity already includes a certain predecessor form, i.e. biological people, whose mental architecture does not allow them to be united with the rest of the population.

This humanity 2.0 conversation is interesting, but not now. Here we ask ourselves the question: if there is a factor that leads to the overflow from people to posthumans, then what can be the reaction to this factor of the base population?

Transformation is pain, and where there is pain, there is the reaction. And there really is a reaction: without becoming a posthuman, a person is forced to develop the skills of a “partisan” surrounded by an ever-increasing posthuman context. Up to 99% of professional activity today is nothing more than the use of a person in the function of a connector (or transformer) to a post-human material environment. Again, this is just another option to save a person.

Three strategies, three roads of the exodus from modernity (to the next modernity).

Exchase: The marriage ring of the Nibelungs

Well, so why in this last strategy we are interested in one and not so broad practice as social trading? The short answer is that in this practice such a strategy is presented in its most radical form: the PAMM-manager and the PAMM-investor are practically like the north and south poles — from there it is impossible to go further south and north. However, just as COVID leads to an extreme form of disintegration, and just like idiocracy is the final form of rejection of the self.

In social trading, the one who cannot or does not want to integrate into the pipeline of material civilization, through which the plasma of money flows, delegates his participation to the one who has been working in it for a long time. Functionally, they are united into a family.

And the Exchase project is, in general, the first project where practical conclusions were drawn from this fact. If a trader with an investor de facto marries, then this marriage has a need to socialize what is happening around him — in real socialization in the spirit of communist party cells, Facebook, English clubs and gangs of courtyard punks.

The word “social” in social trading today is an elementary buzzword. Neither Instaforex and AMarkets, nor even eToro have any signs of true sociality in their services of this kind; in the right sense, their sociality is even lower than that of eBay. Marketers of PAMM platforms are not given the understanding that a trader is not an artificial intelligence emulator, to which a scent for black swans is simply added.

Yes, you can think of it as a black box where you simply drop your subscriptions to PAMM strategies, and yes, formally it works. But if you, PAMM-investors, are anonymous and not parameterized for it, then it is deprived of you as a means of scanning the market, as a result of which both parties will have less success in the end (since the statistics of the shaft of your subscriptions comes to him with the “average temperature in the hospital”, it does not direct, it is only a projection of the candidate’s earnings).

The product on the supermarket shelf is not socialized with the customer, since the customer can touch the product, but the product cannot touch the customer. Therefore, we have used the metaphor of marriage here to indicate the opposite approach.

Traders are the Nibelungs of our time. Formally living on earth, they live underground. Formally living among us, they live on the other side of us. And so they are able to generate what we do not see, but what rules us: money. I suppose you know that money is not made by central banks or fields of potatoes, in the first there are magicians, and in the second — suckers.

To fill the content that has been stamped by this or that magician issuer, you need either a mountain of potatoes the size of Jupiter or … a week of trader’s work. (Don’t pounce on me for oversimplification, I did it with the intention of being lapidary.)

Therefore, if earlier it was believed that PAMM meant giving investors traders, then the Exchase project turned this task, aiming to attach the outer shell to the world of traders in the form of the world of investors and socialize them with each other.

Arbat makes Manhattan

The most interesting thing is actually in the details. It must be said that socialization directed towards a trader cannot be carried out on the model of socializing office hustlers with the world of millennials and their cats. A trader is a person, but a person in a different sense, roughly like a partisan, no longer a “population”. When I put the question in this way, in fact, I acted like Einstein, who revealed the potential of the “binding energy”: if you find a way to open what the world of the Nibelungs was covering (by the way, this definition includes not only traders but here we talk about them), the huge potential will be released.

History has known such phenomena. For example, the industrial revolution of the 19th century caught the shock wave of investments from the opening of the aristocracy, — the enlightenment (in the role of the social network of those centuries) united its world with the external social environment, and when the aristocracy was integrated into the dirt, everyday life and problems of the inhabitants, it began to learn to build from, in and for this dirt, the aristocrats became Edissons and Gaudis, the “age of crowds” was enriched by their socialization, having received all the acorns that they enjoy to this day.

Of course, this will happen this time too, in its own unique form, but with the same outcome and the same kind of benefit. I am calling you where, according to the laws of history, the fruit should fall. A decade and a half have passed under the sign of social networks, and COVID even set fire to these signs so that they burn more cheerfully in the coming dusk. But few people understood that Facebook is just a rehearsal.

Were it not for Facebook first, what we have to do would be technically impossible; to infect billions of people with the tradition of “remote proximity” is too expensive and would simply meet the insurmountable resistance of old human networks. Therefore, first a log appears in the broken gates of the fortress, and only then Genghis Khan.

However, what we have been talking about so far is still half a revolution. If our ambition was only to give traders social media too, the cat world could breathe out. Because he would simply mark it as a preserve and live peacefully with it. Well, what then is the revolution? No, our goal is fully formulated as follows: we are not just writing the code for a social trading platform that is crammed with interfaces for upgrading traders to non-traders in terms of socialization. In fact, we are creating an entire infrastructure, like a state formation, where traders are cultivated and groomed like Mike Tysons or Bobby Fischers.

A trader multiplies money, motivated and guided by the demand for his strategies, which is understandable to him in the smallest details, and the traders-oriented-state takes % of his profit, forming his budget, and on his behalf (like the United States on behalf of the people or the USSR on behalf of workers and peasants) fights for hegemony and escalation of his life pattern and his truth.

Operation Claymenole

I will give you a more valuable test than the coronavirus test. Probably, even from the first paragraphs of this article, there was not an idle interest in the formal definition of what it is — a posthuman, simply in terms of a person. Well, well, there is such a test. Imagine having breakfast on a boat. The Savior of the world rides in it. Yes, the boat will dock and He will save the world, but that will happen later (if at all), but for now, we have to eat. And now the question to which both answers are correct, but the specific answer will determine whether you are human or posthuman: Who should be given the first piece? Savior or boatman. That’s all. This is the whole test, and it is infallible.

Any of the famous projects of today’s world is an ark for fish, i.e. simply segments some non-breathers among others. But do not rush to condemn, because otherwise there is no chance to get support: none of the fish will invest in a container with people and air. But on the other hand, they will invest in an aquarium with excitement, as soon as they change places with the people of the environment.

Likewise, no human would have previously seen the point in supporting the project of a saving construction until a person began so clearly to become the fifth wheel on their own planet. When only robots and fintech engineers will have adequate utility, where will the rest of them go besides the concentration camp?

I mean, dear users and shareholders of Exchase, that we are following the only road that has at least a horizon at the other end, not an abyss. We will build an infrastructure rich in functionality, with a developed accounting and rating system, metrics and statuses, with a system of delegation of management and lawmaking (formalized, such as the execution of smart contracts on the Ethereum virtual machine), with powerful customer care for traders.

A trader, in accordance with his profile parameters and status, will be provided with service packs for security, accounting, consumer services (including food, hygiene, sex, sports, entertainment, education, communication mediation services, due to the possible autism spectrum, etc.). Everything for the front, everything for victory. The state service provides everything on a turnkey basis, just trade and make a profit.

In a way, this has an analogy in temple economics, in historical terms. This is a large personnel apparatus, subordinated only to the logic of corporate relations, without any corrupting motives and discipline of social benefits and kickbacks in favor of persons who have no utility or function. An economy of zero loss and zero unemployment. Boatmen’s corporation. You carry and you will be satisfied.

* * *

And the last thing. Since you are reading this article, and I know where you can read it and under what circumstances, I will suggest that you do the following. Abstract for a moment from historical allusions and atavisms of humanitarian philosophy. You are here because you decide for yourself whether to be an Exchase shareholder. To be or not to be.

Ask yourself: what percentage of those who familiarize themselves with the tasks of the Exchase project will decide for themselves that this project (in its current or other form) will not have the support of those who have the means and will remain unnoticed? And I don’t even mean traders. Of course, I do not mean them, each has its own role, the beneficiaries of the revolution do not sponsor it. I’m talking about those who will ask themselves the same question as you. How will the world accept Exchase?

That’s all.

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